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10 Graphic Designing Myths Debunked

Graphic designing is a constantly evolving art form that has come a long way in the last decade.

There are a few graphic designing myths that designers and non-designers believe to date. These prevailing myths impact the growth and popularity of this fabulous creative domain in many different ways.

In this article, we will discuss these myths in detail and all the relevant information that today’s designers need to be aware of.

Graphic Design is Restricted to Print Mediums

In recent years, graphic design encompassed many realms of digital media, and print is one of them. So, if you think that digital art is only for print mediums, you need to rethink.

Designers often believe that their roles have now become more robust, and their designs are not limited to the web, UX, or social media platforms.

Graphic Designing is Only Possible on Windows Computers

That’s not true. Every operating system possesses the capability to allow professionals to perform their work flawlessly.

For example, you can create amazing presentations on macOS, given you know how to create a slideshow on Mac, or you can make impressive designs on iOS, macOS, or iPadOS devices. More to it, Procreate is one of the best designing tools available on iPad.

Graphic Designing Limits to Logo Designs

A logo is an important asset for all businesses – small and large. Your audience recognizes you with the logo of your company, and it becomes more than an emblem. It displays your brand value and what you have to offer.

So, graphic design is not just about creating logos, but it’s beyond the art of inculcating life in designs that conveys the brand message to the audience.

Graphic Designing Requires Fancy Tools

Professional graphic designers use complex tools to create compelling artwork, while some rely on tablets and stylus to build attractive design elements freehand.

A lot of design resources available in the market give graphic designers the freedom to showcase their talent. However, designers do not require investing in expensive tools.

Graphic Designing is About Following Market Trends

Similar to any other industry, graphic design also abides by trends. The trends come and go but leave the footprints of immense transformation.

Earlier, these trends were limited to fonts, textures, patterns, and colors. Nowadays, these trends have taken a more realistic shape and hence help professionals in improving their art.

Graphic Designing is All About Enhancing the Objects

The sole aim of graphic designing is to improve the appearance of an object to make it aesthetically decent.

That doesn’t mean that the designs are enhanced to make things look pretty. Something that appeals to your eyes may fail to impress another person. The designs have to be neat; it’s not necessary to look attractive, though.

Graphic Designs are Controlled by Creators

A writer handles the articles published on the web. A travel agent keeps track of all the routes in any given sector. Similarly, graphic designers are in charge of designing, managing, and upgrading the designs so they are controlled by the creators.

Designers possess the copyrights of their artwork, so sharing them with others requires proper consent.

Graphic Designers Need to Create 100% Original Designs

When you are searching for information on any given topic on the web, you follow the references.

Similarly, when you plan to write a book, you do proper research to gather useful information. Graphic designing is similar to these realms, as you need some kind of reference or motivation to get started.

Graphic Design Restricts to Still Images

Most people believe that graphics only cover still images; however, that’s not the case in today’s revolutionary era.

With the intent of GIFs, even the most simple design form – the images have transformed into animated visuals. So, graphic design is no longer associated with still imagery or plain graphics.

Graphic Designing is All About Picking the Right Font

In today’s evolving era, when graphic designing is shaping the creative realm, there are a number of factors that make a good artwork.

Creating beautiful designs is not considered graphic designing, as you take into consideration the fonts, the script, the background, the colors, and many more features.

The Conclusion

Graphics can be seen in almost all major industries as they are the key element in advertising and marketing products. In today’s fast-moving industry, graphic designers have templates for almost everything that helps them to bring their creativity onto canvas quickly. There are no boundaries to the graphics – be it in paper format or digital.

So, these were some of the myths associated with graphic designing that have no stronger grounds. If you are looking to explore this amazing profession, there are no set boundaries that restrict your thoughts or creativity. You get the freedom to unleash your ideas and express them in your designs.

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